19-24 OCTOBER 2024
Santiago de Compostela

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Call for Contributions to the Journal Track

The journal track offers the authors of papers recently accepted for publication by one of the two leading discipline-wide journals in AI, Artificial Intelligence (AIJ) and the Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR), a presentation slot at ECAI without an additional reviewing or selection process. A paper is eligible as long as no part of it has previously been presented at a conference with archival proceedings. The intention is to encourage a “journal-first” publication strategy.

Authors of papers accepted by AIJ or JAIR during the relevant time window will be contacted by the journal editors. Usually this happens at the time of acceptance by the journal, but for papers accepted before December 2023 this happened in late 2023. Authors then have the option to choose between presentation slots at the next available editions of AAAI, IJCAI, and ECAI.

Each paper in the journal track will be allocated an oral presentation slot during the main conference, in a session with papers on related topics accepted to the main track.

Participation in the journal track does not result in an additional publication, but the original journal abstract will be included in the ECAI proceedings.

At least one author of each paper accepted to the journal track must register for the conference by the early registration deadline.

Important Dates

  • Eligibility window for AIJ/JAIR papers:

  • Opt-in deadline for eligible authors:

  • Confirmation sent by conference organisers:

  • Early registration deadline:

Only papers accepted by AIJ or JAIR during the eligibility window can be considered. At the time of acceptance by the journal (or later, in case the paper got accepted before December 2023), the editors of the journal will inform authors about the option to present at ECAI. Authors need to inform journal editors by the opt-in deadline about their intention to present at ECAI. Authors should wait with making travel arrangements until they have received final confirmation from ECAI about inclusion in the programme.

All deadlines are at the end of the day specified, anywhere on Earth (UTC-12).


In case of questions, please contact the journal track chair, Gregor Behnke, at journal-track-chair@ecai2024.eu



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