19-24 OCTOBER 2024
Santiago de Compostela

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May 24

We are delighted to announce our fourth keynote speaker, César Hidalgo (Toulouse and Budapest), who has pioneered the use of machine learning methods to answer questions of economic development. Looking forward to it!

May 17

Here’s yet another piece of great news regarding submissions: The Demo Track received no fewer than 57 submissions. Expect to see some intriguing demonstrations at ECAI this October!

May 16

Earlier this month, ECAI’s sister conference on Prestigious Applications of Intelligent Systems (PAIS) received a total of 71 submissions. That’s more than a four-fold increase over last year. It’s great to see so much interest in ECAI by colleagues working on fielded applications of AI!


April 29

We are pleased to announce that we have received a total of 2,344 submissions to the main track of the conference, representing roughly a 39% increase over last year. We are now busy assigning everyone’s submissions to reviewers. Authors will get asked to respond to the initial reviews during the rebuttal period in June.

April 15

As the deadline for paper submissions to the main track of the conference is approaching, we would like to draw your attention to the detailed FAQ for authors provided by the PC chairs.

April 5

Besides the plenary keynote talks announced earlier, ECAI will feature eight invited talks in the Frontiers in AI series, highlighting important new results, techniques, and trends across different subfields of AI.

April 4

Submissions to the main track, PAIS, and the demo track are now open. We are looking forward to receiving your papers!


March 25

The list of tutorials to be offered as part of the pre-conference programme is now available. Lots of great opportunities to learn about new topics!

March 4

Take a look at the new-and-improved journal track, a joint initiative of the major discipline-wide AI journals and conferences: If you recently had a paper accepted by either AIJ or JAIR, and if no part of that paper has previously been presented at a conference, you can now choose to do so at AAAI, ECAI, or IJCAI.


February 29

The list of workshops to be held as part of the pre-conference programme is now available. Have a look!

February 26

Submissions for the EurAI Dissertation Award are now open. Eligible are all doctoral theses in AI that were defended between December 2022 and December 2023 at a European university. The winner will be invited to give a talk at ECAI.

February 22

The ECAI programme is starting to take shape. We are looking forward to keynotes by Iryna Gurevych (TU Darmstadt) on natural language processing, Marijn Heule (Carnegie Mellon University) on computer-aided mathematics, and Iolanda Leite (KTH Stockholm) on human-robot interaction. Don’t miss it!

February 17

We are delighted to announce that also the response to our call for tutorial proposals has been excellent. We received a total of 33 proposals and will publish the list of selected tutorials in late March.

February 15

Would you like to support the conference by joining ECAI-2024 as a PC member? We are now looking for volunteers who have completed their PhD, who have published at good AI conferences in the past, and who have prior experience with reviewing. You can sign up at https://bit.ly/join-ecai-pc (alternative link). Thanks!


January 24

The list of area chairs for the main track of the conference is now available. We are proud to see so many prominent AI researchers on this list and are grateful for everyone’s support!

January 22

We are exited to announce that we received a total of 48 workshop proposals from the AI community. We are now going to make a selection and plan to announce the list of ECAI workshops by late February. We expect that most workshops will have their submission deadlines in May.



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